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One look and you'll see how this revolutionary new colonoscope can help you find more disease, remove more polyps and increase efficiency more effectively than ever before. With its remarkably small retroflex radius wide angulation capacity, EC-3490TLi Video Colonoscope (RetroView) allows for greater visualization and access to the proximal side of colon folds and flexures. Even in the most challenging situations, you have the potential to perform more thorough colon studies and fewer incomplete colonoscopies.
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PENTAX Medical is pleased to announce the commercial release of the new PENTAX EC-3490TLi Video Colonoscope ("RetroView"), in the United States. Designed for the endoscopist who is passionate about reducing colonoscopy miss rates and complete removal of polyps, RetroView is intended for diagnostic and therapeutic lower gastrointestinal applications and may provide a more thorough colon study and treatment of polyps.
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PENTAX RetroView Colonoscope.
RetroView is a slim colonoscope with a short turn radius bending section that may lead to fewer incomplete colonoscopies by easily navigating around the sharp turns and tight areas of a difficult colon.
With a 25% smaller retroflex radius and 210 degree retroflex angulation, the extra maneuverability may allow the user to more easily position the scope for accessibility of hidden polyps and more complete resection of challenging polyps.
Early experience with physicians using RetroView have indicated a possibility for dramatic increase in polyp detection when incorporating retroflex visualization of the proximal side of colon folds and flexures.
Polyps Hide. RetroView Seeks.
The new enhanced retroflex bending section features a 210 degree tip angulation and shorter bending section (9.0cm length) that reduces the retroflex position diameter by 25% - when compared to the PENTAX standard pediatric colonoscope, EC-3490Li.
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